Vestal Vintage Kaszebe 2010

The 2010 vintage Vestal Kaszebe was made using Vineta potatoes grown in Kaszebe region of Poland. These lovely spuds were harvested while young (so they're full of flavour) after a long dry spell and have been singly distilled to preserve all the flavour possible. 

The finish is medium length, with dense, earthy, spiced notes. 

Simon Difford the spirits guru awarded this 2010 vintage Vestal Kaszebe with an unprecedented 5/5out of five. 


About the Brand

Vestal Vodka is taking Polish Vodka back to its heritage; focusing on taste, character and the spirit of Poland. The purity of the spirit is key, it is distilled only once to capture and retain all the exotic aromas and character, giving each small batch of spirit a sense of both time and place. This process means that the spirit can never be exactly replicated over successive years, each year is unique and why the year of production is printed on every bottle.

Distillation is of course just part of the process, the potatoes are the basis for this vodka and are treated with due care and attention. The potatoes are picked early when small and full of flavour - and they are not just planted anywhere, the attention to variety and environment rivals the craft of a winemaker, terroir is just as important to Vestal Vodka.

More Information

Brand Vestal
Unit Type Bottle
ABV % 40
Volume 50cl
Gift Box No

Tasting Notes

Green apple skin, pear drops, continued notes of sautéed potatoes on the palate.


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