Vestal Vintage Kaszebe 2009

This is the 2009 vintage Vestal Kaszebe, produced in Poland with Vineta potatoes grown in the Kaszebe region using a single distillation. The astounding artisan distillers take great pride in the terroir that the potatoes they use are grown in, and the sandy soils of Kaszebe are just the ticket for this fine drink.


About the Brand

Founder of Vestal is William Borrell, whose family owns and runs the distillery in Poland. William launched Vestal in 2010 as he wanted to create flavoursome spirits made from Polish potatoes harvested young to make the most of their flavour profile. The most fertile fields in Poland are carefully selected, sowed with seed potatoes, and tended by hand. Not huge, bland white supermarket varieties. No, different soils suit different varieties of potato, which in turn suit different seasons. Harvested young, or 'new', the potatoes are harvested, cleaned, fermented, and distilled - once. They are then cut with very clean local water and bottled.

More Information

Brand Vestal
Unit Type Bottle
ABV % 40
Volume 50cl
Gift Box No

Tasting Notes

Grassy and creamy on the palate. More milk chocolate, soft and sweet, with liquorice and pear hiding underneath.


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