• Nestled beneath the West End of Edinburgh, you’ll find something of a hidden wonderland – the Edinburgh Gin Distillery. Steeped in history and creation, we invite you to disappear down the rabbit hole and indulge yourself in the mystery of the beautiful botanical libations we call gin.

    Having gathered some of the most seductive and exquisite gins the world has ever seen, it is a curious playground for the palate. We have created a gin wonderland to tantalise the taste buds and marvel the mind.







  • Edinburgh Gin

    Hidden underneath the streets in the heart of Edinburgh lies a 200 year old copper pot still. It is here that Edinburgh Gin starts its life. They produce their gin in small batches and use only the finest juniper berries to create a premium gin with a Scottish twist. 100% Scottish Grain is distilled and combined with a range of botanicals. The classic botanicals, - juniper, coriander, angelica – are all used but it’s the carefully selected Scottish botanicals that give Edinburgh Gin its unique flavour. Winner of an International Wine and Spirit Silver award in 2011.


  • Edinburgh Seaside Gin

    This is a special bottling of Edinburgh Gin which has been infused with British coastal botanicals. After foraging the Scottish coastline David and his team came up with a combination of Bladdwack seaweed, scurvy grass and ground ivy. The result is a gin with a slightly sweeter style with refreshing mineral edge. The result is a gin with a slightly sweeter style with refreshing mineral edge.


  • Edinburgh Cannonball Gin

    Inspired by Edinburgh's naval heritage, the Navy Strength Cannonball Gin really packs a punch. This Cannonball Gin can be enjoyed simply on its own, whether neat or on the rocks. Cocktail lovers will relish a measure in a Martini with Vermouth and a drop of Orange Bitters.


  • Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur

    Distilled in small batches in the heart of Scotland combining crystal clear Edinburgh Gin and tangy spring crop rhubarb, macerated with warming oriental ginger and a little fragrant lemon zest to create a nostalgia-inducing rose-hued tipple perfect for summer cocktails or as a winter warmer!


  • Edinburgh Plum & Vanilla Liqueur

    Edinburgh Gin Plum & Vanilla Liqueur uses the juiciest plums, macerated with delicate Madagascan vanilla and infused with the award-winning Edinburgh Gin.The perfect base for cocktails, enjoy as a long drink with tonic or soda, a dash with champagne or sparkling wine, or serve neat over ice as a luxurious treat.