No 209 Barrel Reserve Gin - Sauvignon Blanc Cask Finish

The guys at the 209 distillery aptly describe this spirit as gin with wine country roots! It is the result of carefully aging flagship No. 209 Gin inside used Sauvignon Blanc barrels from California's wine country. Marrying the modern No. 209 Gin to racy Sauvignon Blanc to produce an award-winning boutique spirit.

92 points. Smooth and aromatic with spice and herbal hints; toasty oak and nicely integrated flavours; long and seamless.’ Tasting Panel Magazine, Anthony Dias Blue

About the Brand

A love of gin and reverence for tradition is how the 209 distillery describe themselves, embracing the city’s heritage and reputation for innovation as natural backdrop to distilling spirits. It is the only distillery in the world that is built over water – on renovated Pier 50 in San Francisco. The distillation process uses a pot-still to extract flavors and alcohol in vapor form which is then captured and condensed into gin. It is both an art and a science, each distillation takes nearly 11 hours, not including the overnight maceration process. No. 209 Gin’s base spirit is four-times column-distilled from Midwestern corn and has a smooth, almost sweet finish. The water used is pure snowmelt from the Sierra-Nevada Mountains. After letting the botanicals macerate slowly in the Forsythe’s copper alembic still overnight – gently coaxing out the natural flavors so the gin always taste bright, never bitter, it is distilled a fifth time. Then the heads (beginning) and tails (end) of the distillation are discarded. Only the heart (middle) of the distillation is pure enough to be bottled as No. 209 Gin.

More Information

Gift Box No
Country United States
Brand 209
Unit Type Bottle
ABV % 46%
Volume 70cl
Gin Variety Modern Gin
Allergy Advice No Allergen
Bottle Barcode 891811000095
Case Barcode 10891811000092

Tasting Notes




No. 209 Gin's beautifully aromatic nose of citrus, floral notes and a hint of spiciness makes it perfect for mixing in cocktails of all types. Assertive enough to stand alone in a bone dry martini but a far cry from the overwhelming, juniper-heavy gins of the past, No. 209 is all about balance.


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