Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur

Mr Black is entirely cold-extracted with no addition of flavours, preservatives, caramels or vanillas (generally used to disguise bad coffee or inferior process).

Cold extraction – as the name suggests – is done at significantly lower temperatures to espresso – 23 degrees in our case. The result is a less acidic brew with a rounder mouthfeel and big coffee flavour – perfect for creating a liquor.

Creating a coffee that can stand up to blending with spirits, Mr Black uses a significantly higher coffee-to-water ratio and longer steep time than traditional cold brew.


About the Brand

Mr Black was established in 2012 by designer Tom Baker, and on of Australia's highest awarded distillers, Philip Moore.
United by a love for black bitter beverages and mutual distain for every other product in the industry labelled ‘coffee’, Tom and Philip established Mr Black in 2012 to make the best coffee liqueur in the world.

More Information

Brand Mr Black
Country Australia
Unit Type Bottle
ABV % 25%
Volume 70cl
Gift Box No

Tasting Notes





Aroma: Overwhelming fresh espresso.
Body: Bitter, yet balanced. Chocolate and caramels. Fine citrus edge.
Finish: Toffee. Marmalade.
Coffee ‘til the end.


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