The London No. 1 Original Blue Gin

It is all of the components that give The London No 1 it's singular character - the quality of the ingredients, the distillation method, the colour of the gin and the bottle's design. Distilled in small batches in the heart of London, this gin's distinctive flavour is the result of the quality of the raw ingredients used, as well as its distillation in pot-stills.

London No 1 Gin is a mild but very aromatic gin with balsamic notes. It is well balanced with a long, sensual finish making it the ideal gin for classic gin cocktails or enjoy neat over ice. Can we tempt you to a London No 1 G&T?

Simply fill a tall glass with ice and put lemon peel in to boost the flavour of the gin. Gently swirl the ice to cool the glass and gradually add The London No 1 Gin until the lovely bluish colour is well-distributed throughout the glass. Add four parts tonic water for each part of gin and add the tonic slowly to keep the bubbles! Finally, flavour with an aromatic lime peel and add some juniper berries.


About the Brand

The London No 1 Gin was created to both be visually striking and to make the perfect G&T. The London No.1 is produced using the highest quality English grain spirit and the purest spring water with a unique blend of 12 botanicals. It is then triple distilled under the expert direction of Master Distiller, Charles Maxwell. The unique blue colour of London No 1 comes from the inclusion of Gardenia flowers, a favourite plant of Queen Victoria. During the 18th century, London was a world-renowned hub for international trade, where all types of herbs and spices were bought and sold. That is why the London Gin soon became the most complex drink on the market.

Loyal to this tradition, The London No 1 Gin consists of 12 different botanicals from around the world. Twelve carefully chosen ingredients that create this special gin, giving it complexity, elegance and perfect balance.

More Information

Gift Box No
Country United Kingdom
Brand London Hill
Unit Type Bottle
ABV % 47%
Volume 70cl
Gin Variety Traditional Gin
Allergy Advice No Allergen
Bottle Barcode 8414771863719

Tasting Notes



The highest quality Suffolk and Norfolk grain is used in distillation and the small batch ‘pot still’ method ensures a consistent quality. Botanicals include coriander, angelica and orris root and it has a final fusion of bergamot oil, giving fresh flavours of orange and lemon peel.


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