Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is an exquisite blend made from some of Scotland’s rarest and most exceptional whiskies. It is so special, only one in every ten thousand casks has the elusive quality, character and flavour to deliver the signature taste of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

It is an exquisite whisky experience - incomparably rich and smoky, with velvety smooth breaking waves of powerful flavour.

We think this one is best enjoyed neat to experience the rich flavours,  on its own, over ice or with a dash of water.

You are in a for a treat!

About the Brand

Originally known as Walker's Kilmarnock Whisky, the Johnnie Walker brand is a legacy left by John "Johnnie" Walker after he started to sell whisky in his grocer's shop in Ayrshire, Scotland. After passing down the business to his son Alexander Walker, the business experienced substantial growth and it was Alexander and his son Alexander II who were credited with establishing the foundations of the brand. Alexander Walker first introduced the iconic square bottle in 1870. This meant fewer broken bottles and more bottles fitting the same space. The other identifying characteristic of the bottle is the label, which is applied at an angle of 24 degrees. The angled label means the text on the label could be made larger and more visible.

More Information

Brand Johnnie Walker
Country United Kingdom
Whisky Region Blended
ABV % 43.00%
Volume 70cl
Allergy Advice No Allergen
Gift Box Yes

Tasting Notes

Expect initial flavours of hazelnut, honey, sherry and orange and then notes of ginger, kumquat, sandalwood and dark chocolate. A rich honey sweetness emerges, accompanied by hints of pepper and dried fruits, before an impossibly long, lingering, smooth finish of perfectly balanced, soft smoke.


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