• Whisky Cocktails

    Slàinte to a great Burns Night!

    with Whisky

  • Burns Night

    Slàinte to a great Burns Night!

    with Whisky

  • Raise your glass to this year’s Burns Night on 25th January. It’s that time of year where people all over the country North and South of the border celebrate the work and life of Scotland’s famous bard, Robbie Burns.

    A pioneer of romantic literature in the mid-18th century, Burns earned reverence in his country as the national poet of Scotland. This night began in honour of his work and all things Scottish… What a braw (good) reason for a celebration full of great food, dancing, singing, poetry and a nip or two of whisky.

    In the true spirit of this event, it’s time to indulge yourself in that “guid, auld Scotch drink” whisky (as said by the man himself). We’ve come up with a few alternative ways you can enjoy uisge beatha (the water of life).

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    Our first whisky cocktail to start is the most fitting of all - a Bobby Burns. As described by the legendary bartender, Harry Craddock this drink is “one of the very best whisky cocktails” - so let try this ‘oot.

    Bobby Burns


    60ml Scotch
    30ml Sweet (red) Vermouth
    A few dashes of  Bénédictine
    Twist of lemon peel
    Optional - Shortbread


    Stir the scotch of your choice with sweet vermouth and Bénédictine in a cocktail shaker with ice, then strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a twist of lemon peel and serve with shortbread on the side.


    For a simple and sophisticated drink why don’t you give this Whisky Sours cocktail a go, the lemon rounds off the alcohol and gives it an edgy sharpness.

    Whisky Sours

    Ingredients (Serves two)

    70ml whisky
    Juice of 4 lemons
    Juice of 2 limes
    Powdered sugar
    Lemon Rind


    Pour the whisky in with the juice of the lemons and limes, and then add powdered sugar. Shake until the sugar has dissolved, then strain into two small cocktail glasses filled with ice. Garnish with a little lemon rind.


    Next we’ve got the sweet-and-smoky flavour of a Blood and Sand cocktail, truly capturing the taste of the Scottish Highlands. Described as ‘complex and utterly delicious’.

    Blood and Sand


    20ml Scotch
    20ml Sweet Vermouth
    20ml Cherry Liqueur
    20ml Orange Juice
    Marashino cherry or orange peel


    Combine in a cocktail shaker scotch, sweet vermouth, cherry liqueur and orange juice with ice and shake well. Then strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with either a cherry or strip of orange peel.


    Another simple but delicious cocktail consisting of only two ingredients is a Rusty Nail. The Scotch-based liqueur, Drambuie is flavoured with honey and herbs, therefore feel free to tweak the ratios of whisky to Drambuie according to how sweet you like it.

    Rusty Nail


    60ml whisky
    20ml Drambuie
    Twist of lemon


    Combine both scotch and Drambuie into an old-fashioned glass full with ice, and stir until cold. Garnish with a twist of lemon.

  • Bobby Burns Cocktail

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    Whisky Sour

    Blood and Sugar

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    Rusty Nail

    Source: Austin Food Magazine

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