• Prefer Your V&T To A G&T?

    with Vestal Vodka

  • Vodka can be the lesser spotted sibling these days next to the behemoth of the gin train but if you’re like us, sometimes only vodka will do. 

    Clear in colour and with much less dominant flavour profiles, it is easy to understand why vodka is such an integral spirit to your favourite cocktails. It really is the LBD on your drinks trolley, it goes with everything and works on every occasion.  However, don’t underestimate the pleasure to be had from sipping and savouring a really premium Polish vodka. 

    We’re particularly excited to be launching Vestal Vodka onto Drinks21 this week. A Polish craft potato vodka that boasts an unprecedented score of five out of five from spirits guru, Simon Difford. This is a vodka that stands out, from the beautifully simple bottle to the crisp, clean and silky smooth taste. 

    It is the attention to detail that sets it apart, the approach to their potatoes and terroir, rivals French winemakers! The potatoes are picked early when they are small and full of flavour and the spirit is distilled just once to capture and retain all the exotic aromas and tastes that give each small batch their spirit of both time and place. This capture of a single year’s characteristics is important to Vestal, the year of production is printed on the bottle because they can never make exactly the same spirit in successive years - which means once you have bought your first one, you really have to make collecting the vintages your new hobby. 

    For sipping and really savouring, go for the Pomorze Unfiltered Potato Vodka or Kaszebe Unfiltered Potato Vodka, just chill it down and you’re set. For your next Martini, try the Blended version, crafted especially for cocktails. 

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