• Our Guide To Whisky For The Yet Uninitiated

    with Puni Whisky

  • Not sure whisky is for you? Let us assure you it really is and Winter is the perfect season to get acquainted with it. Nothing balances a nip in the air like a wee dram, there are plenty of styles to choose from and we have a special newcomer to introduce you to…

    Scotch whisky

    There are hundreds of distilleries in Scotland, but there’s an important rule to qualify as a Scotch Whisky - the whisky must be matured in Scotland, in oak casks for at least three years and one day.

    Irish whiskey

    Most Irish whiskey is made in a pot still, distilled three times and has a reputation for its smooth character (we’re referring to the whiskey here, not natural Irish charm).

    American whiskey

    Made from any cereal grain so plenty of variety in flavour profiles. One third of American whiskies are classed as bourbons and to qualify as a bourbon, the whiskey’s mash must contain at least 51% corn and the spirit must be matured in new oak casks. 

    Canadian whisky

    Canadians differentiate their whisky techniques by including rye in their maltings, and use a combination of barley, corn and wheat grains to perfect their smooth spirit.  

    Japanese whisky

    At nearly 100 years old, Japanese whisky does not have the centuries of tradition that we’re spoilt with in Scotch whisky for example, but it makes up for this and more with a respect for whisky traditions, combined with typical Japanese flair for unique style and craftsmanship.  

    Italian whisky 

    The newest kid on the block! Albrecht Ebensperger laid the foundation of the first Italian whisky distillery in 2010 in the midst of the Alps, near the Ortler mountain range. The 'Highlands of Italy' are an ideal place for creating an extraordinary whisky. PUNI distillery takes its name from the nearby Puni river and uses only locally grown rye which adds distinctive flavour notes to the whisky. In the spring of 2012 the manufacture of the first Italian whisky began. After a little more than three years of cask maturation, the first Italian Malt Whisky was released in 2015. 

    Despite being a mere infant compared to these other whisky giants, PUNI is already a multi award-winning distillery - expect archetypal Italian panache, right from the striking distillery design, the shapely bottle and of course the spirit itself!

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