• Why Marlborough?

    with Cloudy Bay

  • What is it about New Zealand's Marlborough wine region? 

    New Zealand are pretty proud of their wines and the Marlborough wine region, with great reason. We've all enjoyed a crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough haven't we? Revelled in the fresh, fruity and fragrant flavours and promptly poured a second glass? So we've looked into what makes this region produce such great wine. 

    As you'd expect from a country as beautiful as New Zealand, the climate and soil in the north-eastern corner of New Zealand’s South Island is exceptional. Marlborough is sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean to the east and mountain ranges to the north and south. The area sees plenty of sunshine, is relatively dry but remains cool, this combination of temperatures and the diverse landscape all create the raw ingredients to produce wine of balanced acidity, fruitiness and sheer vibrancy.  A scenic backdrop is a challenging one however and Marlborough's winemakers have become innovators in their own right to craft such premium wine in this remarkable location.

    - 77% of New Zealand’s total wine production comes from Marlborough

    - 85.8% Of Marlborough’s wine production is Sauvignon Blanc

    - Marlborough has 24,365 hectares of producing vineyards

    Perhaps most famous of all the Marlborough wine brands is Cloudy Bay. Established in 1985, Cloudy Bay was one of the first five wine makers to venture into Marlborough and it hasn't looked back since. Named after Cloudy Bay, a body of water explorer Captain James Cook came across during his voyage to New Zealand in 1770, the brand is still considered the highest echelon of Marlborough's wineries, embodying New Zealand's rare natural qualities and bottling it as a luxury for us all to enjoy. 

    Cloudy Bay are justly proud of their visionary heritage which enabled them to secure vineyards on some of the most exceptional terroir within the Marlborough region. In their words, 'Cloudy Bay’s vineyards represent the essence of the region and embody it in wine. Grapes from the Wairau Valley bring the punch and the intense flavours, while the fruits from the Southern Valley ensure elegance and refinement. A rich palette of terroirs that provides nuances of aroma and flavours, bringing complexity to the wines.'

    If you are a fan of a Marlborough wine but have not yet tried a Cloudy Bay, then it is one for the wish list! 

    'Many people can remember their first taste of Cloudy Bay, they were captivated by the wine.' David Hohnen - Cloudy Bay Founder

    He's right you know...

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