• Tequila Is The New Gin

    with Blue Hour Tequila

  • Tequila need no longer be that drink synonymous with grimacing memories of lemon, salt, a burning sensation on your throat and dance moves best forgotten. It is a high-brow drinking experience to sip and savour over ice - Tequila is back on the rise and with good reason too.

    Harvested from Mexico’s Blue Agave plant, tequila is a complex spirit, produced in a variety of styles and offers a surprising number of health benefits. Honestly! A premium tequila can aid digestion, lower the risk of dementia, has probiotic properties and is good for your bones - who knew!

    Typically there are three types of tequila that relate to the ageing status of the spirit. The most well known is Silver or Blanco, which is bottled almost as soon as it is made and has a clean and pure flavour. Blanco is the most traditional form and how most locals drink their tequila if you want to blend in at the Cantina. Reposado is aged for several months in oak barrels which gives it a soft caramel taste. Anejo is aged up to 36 months in charred oak barrels, giving it an intense smoky flavour.

    One of our absolute favourites is La Hora Azul – Blue Hour Tequila which is a superb Mexican Tequila and available in the three styles outlined. It’s organically grown using Blue Agave and naturally filtered.

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