Edgerton Original Pink Gin

Edgerton is resolutely London-based and is London's first Pink Gin. The botanicals come from halfway round the world. Coriander, angelica, juniper, orris root, sweet orange peel, cassia bark, nutmeg…They are steeped together for 24 hours before they are distilled in pure grain spirit for the taste beyond taste! The pinkness derives from the pomegranate and gives a beckoning blush to the spirit - a fabulous funky pink!


About the Brand

There are many gins on the market. Most are white, a few are blue, but now comes something rare and very fine: London’s first Pink Gin. The pinkness derives from the pomegranate, noted in antiquity as ‘that most salutiferous of trees’ and giving a beckoning blush to the spirit. This is a super-premium gin - one of a kind.

More Information

Gift Box No
Country United Kingdom
Brand Edgerton
Unit Type Bottle
ABV % 43.0%
Volume 70cl
Gin Variety Modern Gin
Allergy Advice No Allergen

Tasting Notes









This gin certainly has a sultry side, it is anything but a girly, fruity, fluffy gin. This gin packs a delicious botanical punch. It owes its colour to pomegranate extract, and has a classic juniper-led style with a rich complexity and a unique balance of light, sweet citrus and dry spice notes.With tonic, the sweet orange and juniper notes open up and soften to give an appealingly floral nose and a touch of sugar plum, followed by a dryer refreshing finish where the pomegranate comes through.


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