Crafters London Dry Gin

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Made by hand. Fuelled by love. Made the classic way our Recipe No 23 is a unique bouquet of Nordic Plants. Handpicked ingredients, handcrafted at every stage, Crafter’s London Dry Gin is made in small batches, and is distilled using the traditional pot still method. Natural herbs are the backbone of the recipe. Veronica and grain, from the heart of pure Estonia, together with juniper berries and fennel creating a flowery softness and crisp note. Crafter’s London Dry Gin is as refreshing, and sophisticated as it looks. Crafter’s London Dry Gin goes well with quality tonic and a sprig of rosemary.

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Gift Box No
Country United Kingdom
Brand Crafters
Unit Type Bottle
ABV % 43.00%
Volume 70cl
Gin Variety Traditional Gin
Allergy Advice No Allergen
Volume 0.7
Bottle Barcode 4740050004899

Tasting Notes







Made with Veronica and fennel seed, alongside a selection of other classic botanicals.Well-balanced spice and citrus sweetness, with layers of rosemary, juniper and zesty grapefruit.Dry and elegant in flavour, with a slightly spicy finish, bitterness of pink grapefruit and the freshness of citrus and herbs. A fresh crisp aromatic and beautifully complex aroma.


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