We were thinking of starting up a debate over what James Bond's favourite chocolate based snack might be or maybe, what his favourite flavour of crisp might be but we are, after all, a drinks company - so the right question here and of course the most important of all is, what does James Bond drink?

Amongst James Bond fans, you are always going to start an argument by simply asking "who was the best 007" (I once asked this of two good friends but I ended up with a spiked umbrella in my ear) but they are never going to get in a bust up over the fact that whoever is the best bond, he is always just plain Mr Cool when it comes to gadgets, suits, cars, women and drinks. It's generally considered that Mr Bond's signature drink is a Martini but If you count back over the Bond movies, (several days of viewing!) his most frequent drink is actually Champagne. The number of times James Bond drinks Champagne outnumbers any other!

In celebration of this we have been offering a fantastic deal on the 002 for 007 Bollinger Champagne. An exclusive for Bond fans and Champagne fans alike.

James Bond Champagne

Bollinger champagne has an illustrious history and is the Champagne of choice for James Bond. Bollinger's 002 for 007 celebrates the 50 year anniversary of James Bond. It's a rare opportunity to get a collector's item and one of the best bottles of Champagne available.

The La Grande Année 2002 is a limited edition bottle that features a unique James Bond logo on the labelling and the bottle comes in a silencer shaped box. Of course, we have made several recent references to this in our blogs and especially the fact that Emily locked us out of the bottle. It works. So whatever you do, just dont forget the code.

Bollinger's history with James Bond spans over 30 years with Roger Moore being the first Bond to ask for Bollinger in the 1973 "Live and Let Die" (memories of Solitaire here).

The 002 for 007 is now available and timed perfectly for the latest Bond movie "Skyfall", which we have been to see this evening. I'm itching to give away some of the plot but I'm not one for spoilers. Although if someone tells you the butler did it, I can promise you they are lying.

Become part of the James Bond phenomenon by owning this collector's item.

002 for 007 Bollinger Champagne

I'm just off to chase down some baddies and some chap who wants to take over the world....if I make it out alive then I will catch you in the next blog....