Limoncello, meaning ‘lemon liquor’ is a sweet liqueur made using lemon peels steeped in neutral alcohol until the essential oils are released. This gives the liquid it's trademark yellow colour. It is then blended with a simple sugar syrup.

Villa Massa Limoncello is created from a traditional family recipe passed down through generations, solely using lemons grown in the Sorrento peninsula known for their thick and fragrant peel and powerful essential oils. The Massa family take great pride in their dedication to keep the production of ‘Limoncello of Sorrento’ alive.

Did you know? Limoncello was originally trademarked in Capri in the 1900s but there is evidence showing production of Limoncello much earlier than that.


Homemade in most Italian households originally, Villa Massa has been creating a sympathetic interpretation to these humble beginnings for over twenty years. Respecting tradition and care for the precious materials (the lemons of Sorrento are now recognised by the European Union as a product with ‘Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)’) to create a truly refreshing drink.



An all-natural lemon liqueur, Villa Massa has an intense joyful colour of yellow and white hues. The aroma evokes each nuances of the lemon, the tree, the freshly squeezed juice and the scent of fresh zest and citrus flower. A natural pure taste, smooth and delicate with clean harmony of lemon. Best served cold as a digestive, or with tonic, fresh basil and plenty of ice.


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