Of course, once the big Christmas break is over we are all potentially suffering from 'post Christmas blues' or Seasonal Affective Disorder.  To check how true this is, I took a straw poll of the general mood in D21 Central and found the following;

- Emily told me to 'do one'.

- Phil said "I recommend the Louis Jadot, sorry - what was the question again? Did you mention Chickens?".

- Mel ignored me.

- Gail couldnt contain her excitement about the 2013 offers she was plotting and bundled me out of the way en-route to her laptop.

- Nick tried to sell me something and then went fishing.

- Wayne couldnt be reached.

- The others were all in a tasting session and were WAY too excitable.

So my opinion is that, based on a limited secret survey...I am useless at recognising what kind of mood people are in.  Also wine tasting sessions (by others) during working hours are not good for the nerves - way too much noise from all the slurping and spitting.  For the unitiated of working in offices where wine tasting goes on, there are plenty of reasonably offensive noises and a ridiculously strong smell of wine.  It's NOT conducive to creating a productive environment!  But it obviously IS conducive to creating an amazing selection of wines for us to provide for you.

Do you remember how we were being pretty forceful about the Bond Bollinger? a blog here or there...a tweet or two...a video...etc....well, we were just too pushy for our own good.  It's all gone now, so you won't be hearing us trying to convince to you to buy it.  Why not celebrate the fact that we won't be promoting Bond Bollinger anymore with a nice glass of Champagne....click here to see the selection.... shameless push on Champagne (I thought it was worth a try, do you blame me?)

Soon to be seen on the main Drinks21 site is a special Burns Night offer where, to celebrate the famous Scottish Poet's 25th January Birthdate - we will be giving some fantastic discounts and great prices on selected Whiskies.  *You don't have to be Scottish to take advantage of these.

There are some other greats coming your way early this year too.  I know I used to joke about Gail going mad with some of the deals we have been putting out but I have seen into the future, the men in white coats have been briefed.  You urgently need to take advantage of any offers you see, they just cannot be around for long.

Towards the end of 2012 we ran a Heavy Water competition with 12 high end bars in London competing to sell the most bottles of Heavy Water - the winner was the Floripa Bar who are off to Norway to see the home of Heavy and experience full-on dog sledding.  Contratulations Floripa, well done.  If you want to experience what the buzz is all about....Heavy Water Vodka

In early news for January, we have a new joiner - Dave Bevan, who along with Wayne is plotting to take over the world (or at least the South of England).  I'm sure Dave has a favourite selection of drinks and I will make sure we get to hear about them soon.  I have been badgering Phil for a 2013 selection but he was too busy fixing his dry ice machine and buckled chicken wire around his coop to give me any detail so I am just hopeful for the next blog instead.

Until the next....