It's been a while but lets just say we've been busy.  Very busy.  It's always concerning if someone who has been out of contact for a while says to you "I've been buried in a bottle….", but in our case it's okay – it's right where we wanted to be.  Obviously if Phil had his way, it would have been a nice 2008 Penfolds but if we had done that, we wouldn't have got any work done and the expenses budget would have been severely busted for the year.

For the observant and even the downright non-observant, you will have noticed Drinks21 dishing out more tweets than a well known superstore chicken farm.  Unfortunately, it was our fault and not some broken computer somewhere.  'Someone' got a little bit too keen on the send button trying to catch up with Stephen Fry's overall tweets and you will be pleased to know, whilst we get that twitter can be a little addictive (I'm shaking as I write), we have joined an appropriate clinic and decided to control our fill a little better.  

So, it's exciting stuff going on around here in the little smoke.  Emily has only gone and got married (in the days of a dowry, THAT would have been expensive) and Phil was lucky enough to get away to Tuscany for a holiday.  I won't tell you exactly where because he doesn't want the paparazzi getting topless shots of him next time he's away in the secret hideout.  Besides, he says lenses don't come that big.   

The summer has been kind to us all here in the office and we are settled in for the winter looking for new products and having a little fun in the process.  You may have seen the Bollinger 007 special we have on offer?.  We would love to tell you it tastes fantastic, smells of summer meadows and is really smooth on the palate but unfortunately someone in the office decided to mess with the lock on the taster bottle we were given and we were unable to get in to try a bit.

Catch you soon…