Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching which poses the question here at Drinks21 – which Mother’s Day gift to buy? Should I treat Mum to a spa day or lunch?

Mother’s Day is officially celebrated in over 140 countries around the world on differing days throughout the year, so time after time these questions are asked on a global basis, with many of us rushing out to the shops or going online to buy that special something.

So what makes a great gift? Flowers, chocolates, cards or a bottle of something for Mother’s Day? We think Champagne! Why not celebrate with a Champagne breakfast or have a leisurely Champagne lunch or dinner? We’ve taken £10 off Laurent Perrier Champagne – a great Mother’s Day gift so that you can treat your Mum. The Champagne comes beautifully gift wrapped, with free delivery.

Mother's Day Champagne

We’ve also another Mother’s Day gift (or everyday gift!) in the form of the Drinks21 offer of 12 botttles of FirstCape Limited Edition wine for only £60! It may be Mother’s Day, but with this offer you have the opportunity to win a pair of tickets to the Lions v Barbarians rugby match in Hong Kong this Summer - so Dad may be happy too! This offer will be available from tomorrow!

FirstCape Wine

You'll now also be able to buy Jameson Whiskey for only £23, ABK6 Ice for £35, PLUS get 25% off New Zealand wines, so even more amazing Mother's Day gift solutions from Drinks21

It’s interesting to see how Mother’s Day is celebrated by different people, in different countries. In the Netherlands, a group protecting the interest of Dutch florists, worked hard to promote the holiday and get it into the Dutch calendar – which it now is. Whilst many Nepalese make a Mother’s Day pilgrimage to honour their Mother’s.

Here in the UK we celebrate Mother’s Day on the 4th Sunday of Lent. This was originally a religious occasion where simnel cake (fruit cake with almond paste or marzipan) was served. These days, simnel cake is rarely heard of and instead we follow the US Mother’s Day, first introduced in 1908 by American Anna Jarvis.

Which takes us up to today, and the main thing left to say to all you deserved Mother’s out there - Happy Mother’s Day from Drinks21!