How changing drinking habits are helping to re-shape the industry, as a new age of consumers push drinks companies to create brands with more depth and better stories.

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There is a new, fast-growing consumer group on the block: the millennials. They are helping to reinvigorate the market, as companies are having to adjust to a whole new type of customer, one that is quickly becoming the leading consumer profile.


In 2016-17 domestic consumption of alcohol dropped to its lowest level in 50 years, with most categories reporting drop in sales - there are, however, a few notable exceptions, including craft beer, gin and whisky.


In the past, consumers have tended to stick with one or two brands and be very loyal to those - but new, younger drinkers are changing this. They are more willing to try new products and experience new drinks - when asked, 51% of under-35s are happy to try a new drink. New venues are opening up with ever-changing stock to keep up with this revitalisation of alcohol brands.


As this younger, more experimental audience grows, it’s opening doors for smaller companies and artisanal products; where once audiences were loyal and hard-to-win, they are now actively looking for new products and better experiences. On top of this, Millennials like to be ‘unique’, and use requesting a more obscure brand as an opportunity to show their knowledge of the little-known and up-and-coming.


Look for Beauty Everywhere

A classic example is Blue Bottle Gin - the brainchild of Head Distiller and Founder, Matt Polli, who many years ago spent a summer studying flies as part of a research project which he was undertaking at Cambridge University. As he peered down the microscope he noticed the exceptional beauty, intricate detail and distinctive colouring of his subject, and was struck that such beauty could be easily overlooked here and, for that matter, everywhere. This is the ethos of Blue Bottle Gin. Look for Beauty Everywhere.







Consumers today also want more from their products. They want deeper meaning to their purchases, with in-depth stories about the history and making of their chosen products. Purchasing has become about the narrative behind the product. Millennials support brands that support the causes they care about; they want to feel socially aware and conscious when making their purchases. Consumers seem to be able to quickly spot “phony” or “me-too” brands; millenials are knowledgeable and quick to research. This higher level of involvement creates greater influence in brand advocacy, magnified by the potential reach of social media footprint.


In short: millennials drink less, but are more discerning about what they drink - they are willing to pay a bit extra for more interesting, better quality drinks.


Here are a few examples of spirits with the backstory and history to appeal this new age of drinkers:


BLUE BOTTLE GIN - Created by a University student when studying the Blue Bottle fly

LA HORA AZUL TEQUILA - Translated from the Mexican phrase “From the Centre of the Moon”

VANA TALLINN - Vana Tallinn embodies the true sense of adventure from 1960’s Estonia 

VILLA MASSA LIMONCELLO - Developed in the 1990’s and grown in Sorrento from organic citrus groves




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