Happy April, we hope you had an amazing Easter! It may be cold out there and the sun is still struggling to shine, but we’re hoping to bring you some sunshine and keep you warm inside with our Drinks21 April offers!

To celebrate Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival time we’re offering you £10 off Suntory Japanese Whisky, plus £5 off Scottish malt whisky online, Chase Marmalade and Potato Vodka from £30, 40% off Oliver & Greg’s wine and more!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival

We’ve only recently heard about the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival or ‘Hanami’, meaning ‘viewing flowers’ but we want to mention it, even if just so we can put a stunning photo of cherry blossom on here! Hanami is the centuries-old practice of picnicking under a blooming sakura or ume tree and is held all over Japan in spring. People enjoy drinks and bring home-cooked meals, have a BBQ, or buy take-out food. Gorgeous flowers are the main attractions of the festivals, but the Japanese performing arts can't be missed either. Joining tea ceremonies held under cherry trees can be a memorable experience as well. Thinking of looking for flights to Japan now? Us too!

Scottish Malt Whisky

We are also celebrating Scotland this month, with our selection of malt whisky online from every region of Scotland – Islay, Lowland, Speyside, Island and Highland, oh yes…the most delicious whisky you will find (on a par with the Suntory of course!).

Chase Potato and Marmalade Vodka


Then there’s the UK made, award winning Chase vodka from the Chase Distillery which is the first and only company to produce an English Potato Vodka – delicious! It has notes of mashed potato and butter. The Chase Marmalade Vodka is unique in flavour too and amazing if you like fresh, fruity tastes – plus they both have the funkiest packaging around!

Orange Peel - Chase Marmalade Vodka

The Chase Distillery was founded in 2008 in Herefordshire by William Chase, a potato farmer and the man behind Tyrrells Chips, after visiting America on a business trip. The idea was originally formed from having an abundance of potatoes too small to make into potato chips. A state-of-the-art copper distillery was installed at the farm two years later and the rest is history!

Whilst we could also wax lyrical about other offers, we’ll leave you with the thought of UK made vodka, Japanese whisky and Scottish malt whisky online, for now. All are great for warming the cockles this chilly April! Brrr…Have a great few weeks! Until next time…and keep doing that sundance!