Whilst British summers are hardly conducive to breaking out the barbie – this year is an exception. Why not try these healthier alternatives this month suggested by nutritionist, Fiona Kirk – with a glass of something chilled from the Drinks21 wine chiller….

When is a burger not a burger? Try an ostrich burger or a bison (buffalo) burger instead of a beef burger. Both contain around half the amount of saturated fat, are rich sources of lean protein, are seriously delicious and increasingly easy to source in supermarkets, farmers markets and on the internet. To go with your burger we recommend the Louis Jadot Beaujolais Villages, which can be drunk slightly chilled and has a delicate freshness.

Small is beautiful! Get yourself a piece of beautiful lean fillet steak, which goes brilliantly with Penfolds Bin 28, slice it thinly, coat the slices in olive oil, grill them briefly (turning regularly) and sling the tasty morsels onto a salad with a huge selection of green leaves. Drizzle with a little more olive oil and a squirt of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar (a perfect accompaniment to red meat), then scatter a handful of toasted pine nuts or flaked almonds to add a fabulous ‘crunch’ not to mention the barrel-load of essential fats they provide to help burn fat, stave off energy dips and keep you flexible both physically and mentally.

Vegetables are ‘’it’. If you haven’t tried grilling your vegetables on the barbecue, you haven’t lived! Slices of aubergine, quartered de-seeded peppers (all colours), baby courgettes and corn, spring onions, halved tomatoes, asparagus spears (and whatever else is in season) take on a new life on the barbecue. Eat them along with your burger or warm some tortilla wraps or wholemeal pitta breads, fill them with green leaves, heap the grilled vegetables in and crumble some feta or goats cheese on top – a feast! This delicious meal goes fabulously with Errazuriz Estate Sauvignon Blanc wine which has notes of tropical fruits.

And just a word about the health benefits of these veg; five a day may be the recommendation, but a huge plate of grilled vegetables are going to take you way beyond that, fill you full of fabulous antioxidants to tackle the dreaded carcinogens that might be lurking in the barbecued meats and increase your daily fibre intake big time!