I admit to actually getting a bit tired of coming in to work in my dinner suit with a white silk scarf and a glass of Bollinger in hand.  I am however, not getting tired of the girls hanging off my arms and the ability to make occasionally innapropriate comments and get away with it. 

It did get a bit uncomfortable at Drinks21 HQ when NO ONE wanted to see me emerge from the local pool in my trunks, which kind of suited me anyway but my ego took a battering.  I saved on buying some new socks too.

Still firmly in Bond mode, we have had our first crack at a Facebook app (in conjunction with Q, obviously) which poses a really tough Bond related question for the opportunity to win a bottle of 002 for 007 Bollinger.  If you are already a facebook friend then you might have seen the link but if not, here's our Facebook page;

Facebook win a bottle of 002 for 007 Bollinger competition

Don't forget to 'like' it.  If for any reason of course, you don't like it - then just pretend the like button is a 'dislike' button and press it.

Musical taste here at Drinks21 varies, lots.  Emily often talks about her raving days, white gloves and whistles (seriously!?) and is a bit partial to something over 180bpm.  Phil likes to relax into buying mode with a bit of Jazz and can often be heard tasting in the kitchen to some big classical piece, slurping to adagio in g minor or the 1812 overture.  Mel tends to work away busily to Jamiroqui or a bit of Shaggy and although not heard in the office, Gail is known to like a bit of a boogie to Jason Donovan or Rick Astley but she's really at her best when there are some bagpipes within earshot (I'm making these up as Gail has been away and this blog is going out 'unapproved').

One thing everyone here had in common though, was an interest in this years MOBO awards held just last week.  Some fantastic artists on show and some great music to be heard with a little something for everyone.  An added bonus was our partnership with the green room at the MOBO's and a liberal smattering of Heavy Water and ABK6 being sloshed about pre-and-post awards ceremony.  I'm not mentioning any names but even the empty bottles went (the originality of these two cannot be questioned!).  These are the two far-too-popular products extracted from our kung-fu like grip for the backstage....

Heavy Water - Vodka

ABK6 - Cognac

Incidentally, Heavy Water was awarded the Gold medal for design and packaging from The Spirits Business Awards 2012.  One look will tell you just why or you could try asking one of The Avengers since it was cool enough to be seen in Tony Stark's (Iron Man) apartment in the 2012 movie !!!

Now I can't write the blog this week without pointing out that Gail has become the new Mrs Brogan.  I did say about the wedding in a previous blog but now it's happened I need to mention it again.  I wasnt there but I had made reference to a previous Gail Vs Elvis scenario and apparently, whilst the wedding was all very tasteful there was a little run in with the hairdresser for the 'wedding hair' and the result was not quite what was expected.  Sideburns were not something Steve was expecting to see coming down the aisle...

See you soon....