It isn’t often a spirit maker can say they reside in the very heart of a city, but nestled in the West End of Edinburgh you’ll find just that, a hidden wonderland of small batch gin distillation.

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Down The Rabbit Hole

Edinburgh Gin distillery, hidden beneath Lothian Road, is a destination quite unlike any other. The distillery, which houses a 200-year-old copper pot still, produces small batches of gin using only the finest juniper berries to create a premium gin with a Scottish twist.

The Twist

The distillery takes advantage of a bounty of Scottish botanicals available. According to the company, 100% Scottish Grain is distilled and combined with a range of botanicals. The classic botanicals, - juniper, coriander, angelica – are all used but it’s the carefully selected Scottish botanicals that give Edinburgh Gin its unique flavour.”

Two Stills

Edinburgh Gin talk fondly of their stills, almost as though they were individuals. Caledonia is tall and elegant, Flora is rotund. Of course, it is the magic these two stills weave that produce such spectacularly memorable gins.


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EDINBURGH GIN is the original small batch gin from the distillery and it uses only the finest juniper berries to create a premium gin with a Scottish twist.  

PLUM AND VANILLA LIQUEUR uses the juiciest plums, macerated with delicate Madagascan vanilla and infused with the award-winning Edinburgh Gin.

EDINBURGH SEASIDE GIN is a special bottling of Edinburgh Gin which has been infused with British coastal botanicals.

EDINBURGH RHUBARB & GINGER GIN is distilled in small batches in the heart of Scotland combining crystal clear Edinburgh Gin and tangy spring crop rhubarb, macerated with warming oriental ginger.

EDINBURGH CANNONBALL GIN is inspired by Edinburgh's naval heritage, the Navy Strength Cannonball Gin really packs a punch.


Destination Edinburgh

If you find yourself in Edinburgh, you can take in the distillery’s impressive collection of exquisite gins or take part in one of their tours ranging from ‘Basic’ through to ‘Connoisseur’ or even end a tour by making your very own gin.


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