Easter‘s nearly here which means a long Bank Holiday weekend (yay!), Easter eggs and Easter bunnies, plus some Egg-cellent (oh dear!) Easter offers from Drinks21. Check out our fabulous New Zealand wine and Champagne deals - when you buy 6 bottles, you’ll get a whopping 25% off! These make fantastic Champagne and wine gifts for friends and family.

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So why an Easter egg? That’s what we’ve been asking here in the Drinks21 office, inbetween mouthfuls of chocolate biscuits (our pre-Easter chocolate warm-up). As we know, Easter is a Christian festival and the custom of giving eggs at Easter symbolises the celebration of new life and that after dying on the cross, Jesus rose again to new life.

25% off when you buy 6 Bottles of Champagne

The first Easter eggs given as gifts were bird eggs which were painted in bright colours for that extra special touch. We still paint birds eggs today but usually chicken eggs. A modern marketing gimmick is to substitute chocolate eggs, or plastic eggs filled with confectionery such as jelly beans. Other popular Easter presents include alcohol such as Champagne and wine gifts – at least here at Drinks21 anyway.

Easter eggs

Then of course, there’s the fun Easter egg hunts, ‘egg rolling’ which is an Easter Monday sport where hard-boiled eggs are rolled down a hill in a race, plus ‘egg jarping’ which is a bit like playing conkers with players tapping their opponents' eggs until one breaks. This is popular in County Durham and represents the great British eccentricity!

There you have it, many great ways to enjoy Easter! We’ve also other ways to enjoy Easter as we’re giving you the chance to buy 12 bottles of FirstCape wine for only £60, making these bottles ideal Easter wine gifts.

You could also spring into action (boom boom!) and enjoy, as well as Easter Champagne and wine gifts, ABK6 VSOP Grand Cru Cognac for £10 less than the original price.

Have a Happy Easter!