At Drinks21 Towers, things have been a little bit hot recently - despite the recent chill.  Armed with a handy cam, a bottle of 007 Bollinger and a 'non-branded music player' it's amazing what Mel and Emily were able to generate here in the office.

Officially being the only supplier able to really give you a true feel for what the drink looks and feels like, we have come up with a fantastic video.

It's two minutes of smoothness and if it doesnt get you wanting a bottle, I'm not sure what will.  Try taking a guess at who stars in it too.  I can give you a bit of a clue, it wasn't Phil.

002 for 007 Bollinger video

If ever we were accused of not being able to keep to appointments and meet deadlines (okay, I know this was the first blog for a few weeks but who's complaining? Oh, whoops) then we want to be seen to be doing something about it.  We recently teamed up with Rolex to demonstrate the wonderful ABK6 on Bond Street in London.  It was a fantastic night with a lot of interest in ABK6 and in particular the unusual characteristic of being an Ice Cognac and that the taste adjusts according the temperature its served at. 

Normally of course, experiencing it at it's best means popping in some ice to cool it off, but right now, just standing outside with it will do just as good a job!


I'm not sure about you but when I was small, I enjoyed getting my advent calendar.  Even though we are all fully grown up here in the office, despite what some might say, we still enjoy cracking open the calendar doors in the morning to remove the rather contorted looking chocolate santa or polar bear from the plastic insert and devouring it on the way out the door to work.  Even better, is when you forget for a day or two then gorge on a whole bundle of them.  Actually, okay, I just buy one and eat all 25 in one go.  But anyway, I just wanted to make early excuses for the already inevitable Christmas pounds being put on.


Drinks21 is growing.  Not only around the middle (see above), but up top as well.  We have a new office in Gateshead!  A fantastic team of six telesales staff are now busy fielding calls and co-ordinating sales of wines and spirits into the UK on-trade (to the uninitiated, that's anywhere you consume on the premises, like a pub, bar or hotel).  Pulled together after the demise of Waveley TBS and in partnership with Ooberstock - managed by long suffering boss Stevan, the team are already going from strength to strength after such a short period of time.

Strategic partnership press coverage

It wouldn't be right to ignore the elephant in the room.















The Drinks21 Christmas carve up party.

It was your regular works Christmas party - some scandal (nameless), some very poor quality dancing (Steve), some great fun and well thought out presents (Gail), great venue (Dawnella/The Aviator), some wine (Phil, Phil and Phil) and a photo booth to record dubious events on the night (no-one.  Well, at least no-one is owning up to it).  I'm sure you are all mid-Christmas party season right now and have a few interesting stories of your own.  I just hope you don't do anything you might regret - there are some stats out there on the number of resignations following shocking Christmas party behaviour, just don't become a statistic!!!


There aren't many days to go until Christmas, so I ought to mention that if there is anything you are looking to get delivered in time, you need to get ordering! Also, don't forget to stock enough for New Years Eve.  If you are anything like me, whatever you were thinking of getting, get it x2.

I hear that Phil's smoke machine is on the mend so we will soon see him appearing again with some recommendations.

There is definitely time to squeeze in another blog before Christmas so until next time....