Drinks21 have been out and about over the past few weeks with our funky branded portable stand and our bottles of Edgerton Original Pink Gin, ABK6 Cognac, refreshing wine and Champagne including the summery Laurent Perrier Rosé Champagne - delicious!

Last Monday 17th June Drinks21 had a stand at Great Fosters, Egham, to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer which was organised by Nicola at Illumine Photos. We joined local business such as boutiques, beauticians and a deli store for a shopping and pamper morning. There were some very relaxed looking ladies lying back and enjoying a massage and pedicure! We invited people to pin a leaf on our fabulous vine for a chance to win a bottle of the stunningly pink Edgerton Original Pink Gin. Congratulations to Simone Deamer who won the bottle! £1580 has been raised in total so far for the cause.

Our second event was on Sunday at Bluey’s Polo Club in Twyford. The event was eventful in itself! As we set up our stall, marque and bottles of Trulli Prosecco, Oliver & Greg’s Pinot Blush, Anapai Sauvignon Blanc and Laurent Perrier Rosé Champagne into Ice Bags (whilst situated next to a giant silver stiletto!), huge gusts of wind erupted! We clung on with all our strength as we got lifted off the ground along with the marque and the lady on the jewellery stall next to us! One poor man nearly got knocked out, and his tea all over him, by our flying vine!! Meanwhile…Christmas songs played in the background (no, we’re not sure why either!) The irony…it could almost have been Christmas. Oh the great British weather, how we won’t miss you when the sunshine’s out!


Drinks21 Portable Branded Stand Edgerton Original Pink Gin
Competition Vine Bluey's Polo Club