This week saw Drinks21 at the ABK6 Cognac stand R50 at the London International Wine Fair. It was great to get out and about, have a chat and meet those of you we’ve spoken to but not had the opportunity to meet face to face.

The ABK6 Cognac stand was bustling with interest and looked beautifully set up with back-lighting making the bottles, particularly the ABK6 Ice Cognac, stand out with style. The Abécassis family and the Cellar Master were present alongside Drinks21, offering information and samples. The family’s many ranges of Cognac were on show and they were excited to announce their new organic vodka, which was smooth in taste.

ABK6 Cognac stand

The range of ABK6 Cognac provided great interest and those on show went up to £350 for a bottle for the ABK6 Cognac Extra. There was particular excitement about the ABK6 Ice Cognac as a new and unique, original product on the market. The assortment of flavours experienced when tasting the ABK6 Ice, as the ice melts – from vanilla through to citrus and mint – was fascinating for people and provided a huge amount of pleasant surprise from the more traditional and skeptical Cognac drinkers amongst the crowd!

ABK6 Cognac stand

The venue itself had an assortment of stands, we particularly liked the one with fun wine bottle designs. The new-to-market wines from around the World also had us captivated, not only were there some great tastes, but they were in fantastic vending machines. Anywhere that gives you wine at the touch of a button works for us!

Wine Tasting