ABK Edel - Premium Bavarian Beer 12 x 500ml

ABK Edel is an award-winning full-bodied beer with a smooth aromatic hop taste,

If you like a more malty beer than the ABK Hell, this has a lovely pillowy head, a deep gold colour and packed with malt, Edel is the one for you!

A pale straw color with golden hints and a velvety white frothy head which reduces gently to some light lacing. To the nose, Edel is mostly hops mixed with a biscuit sweetness and a freshly baked bread aroma with a hint of some sweet apples and pears.

Easily drinkable. Crisp, refreshing and best served at 7 degrees. 

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About the Brand

ABK is the oldest brewery in Bavaria, dating back to 1308.

ABK is a multi award-winning brewery, recently winning 3 awards at the World Beer Championships, including the silver medal for Hell and ABK Edel won Best Dortmunder 2017. ABK beer only uses the finest ingredients; Barley, Hops, Yeast and Water; there are no other ingredients, making it a clean and pure beer. 

More Information

Country Germany
ABV % 5.8%
Volume 12 x 500ml
Number of Bottles 12
Allergy Advice Barley

Tasting Notes



You’ll notice the slightly toasted malts and light floral hops which start with light biscuit malts, before a sweetness, to form a buttery bitter finish.


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